Where do we go from here?


For those of you who don’t already know…I do a handstand everywhere I go! Chicago, IL

I knew I wanted to start this travel blog back in 2013, but I put it off time and again for silly reasons. In doing so, I put myself in a position where I’m now having to play catch up because there are several posts I want to share in regards to all of the trips that I did in 2014!

So for now, I want to give a brief overview of where I’m at and what I plan to do here in the upcoming weeks.

Since I am finishing up my last month as a full-time, live-in nanny in Chicago, I have a few hours of downtime at the end of each day where I am able to write. Therefore, I will be sharing as many posts as I can from my 2014 adventures up until July 3rd. From then on, I’ll be hitting the road, waters and sky back-to-back, with no intention of stopping, sharing those experiences as I go!

In the meantime, I want to know more about those of you who are cruising with me, so check out the poll below!

❤ Kaya


5 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. Hey Kaya,
    Its Dwayne your old high school big bro I think its so awesome to watch you live you dreams and travel the world and remembering your free spirit as a teen it all makes so much since. Well travel on buddy! I’ll live vicariously though you, thanks for all the cool worldly pictures keep writing your own great path doll!


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