The Lady and the Lake


Your energy is soothing, yet strong, 

and as you wash over me, I feel your power.

I know that our time together won’t be for long,

but when I’m here with you, I love to stay for hours.

Your transparency lets me gaze right through you;

I see all of the magical secrets that you hold.

You have a way of healing anyone who passes through,

that inexplicable feeling you provide won’t ever get old.

I need your refreshing touch here and there

when I need direction and am feeling lost.

Whether I’m in good spirits, or in dispair,

I find myself always coming back to you, no matter the cost.

I hope that one day my time with you wont be so brief, 

that I might be lucky enough to call you home.

That way I won’t ever have to escape to you to find relief,

I’ll just open up my front door and see you, beautiful Lake Tahoe.



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