A Message From The Trees

imageOn Friday, May 13th, I had surgery to remove the tear in the lateral meniscus of my left knee. While the procedure was fairly simple, it has been extremely difficult for me to deal with the feeling of being restricted…trapped…stuck…like my wings have broken and I can no longer fly.

With that being said, getting through the early stages of recovery these last few weeks took a huge toll on my emotions. But something came over me this past Memorial Day weekend when I took this photo during a barefoot walk in the woods.


I was no longer limping, but gliding, with a new wave of determination having swept over me. I spoke to the trees and as the wind blew through them, they creaked and whispered in response, telling me, “Human, it is ok if your trunk and limbs creak too, you can still stand tall. The brief winds of your struggle may feel powerful, but they will not break you. Nourish your roots and you will grow to be strong and sturdy once again.”

These legs, knees, feet…this entire body that my soul resides in is a sacred vessel that I have taken advantage of for far too long. It has allowed me to wander to and around incredible places on this earth. I have always assumed it would continue to let me do so, but it gave me a huge reality check in October last year, and has been trying to force me to shift my lifestyle ever since.

Having been an athlete most of my life, I am used to pushing my body too hard; when it’s telling me to slow down, my mind says keep going. Mind over matter, right? No. Not in this case! This injury has taught me that, above all, I must listen to my heart. Heart over everything. I must love my body, properly strengthen it and show it compassion so that it will allow me to continue to do the things that I love most: hike, run snowboard, dance, wander…


So I will continue to lay low, take my adventure time in small doses, and put all of my energy into getting back into tip-top shape in preparation for life in general, but especially for the big adventures that await me in the very near future!


2 thoughts on “A Message From The Trees

  1. Hmmm this is phenomenal as I too am a victim of torn meniscii actually healed the right thru physical therapy and now trying to do the same with the left tear…I’m a hard headed slow learner when it comes to my physical body and suffer from multiple addiction issues that have ravaged me emotionally and physically all my life….hmmm slowing down and gliding instead of stomping …I glided across the beach early this am in NH to feel that salty healing water on my sore and torn body…unbeknownst to me was a deer galloping on another part of the beach for likely the same reason as I …peace and love …faith and perseverance…floating ….YES


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