Cruising in Florence, Italy with this gorgeous view of the Duomo behind me.

I’m Kaya, the giggly, goofy girl who can’t sit still. I have a burning passion for travel, food and fun! Oh, you do to?! Well then please, allow me to share my adventures with you as I cruise around the world, exploring the beauty of this magnificent planet that we have the privilege of calling our home.

Now, you might think that this blog is about cruising on cruise ships because of the name, but that is not the case. I am a budget backpacker, planning all of my own trips and carrying them out in the most inexpensive way possible. Here, “cruising” means to go, explore, chill out, take it all in…just cruise!

Cruising with Kaya will document my current travel, cover some blasts from the past, and share all sorts of travel related tips and information that I pick up along the way! I hope to inspire people of every age and background to travel more. I challenge my followers to stop believing everything that society and the media tell you about the world; it isn’t as scary and dangerous as one might think. Go out and see firsthand what planet earth and it’s amazing inhabitants have to offer you!


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